A heavy weight surrounds me completely. Penetrates me. Consumes me.

I open my eyes. Am I blind? No. There’s a light ahead..or down..or upwards…A blue aura. It shifts and folds, swaying. Gentle. Like branches in the wind.

It’s quiet here. Completely devoid of noise. A silence so complete, but peaceful. Not deathly. There’s no need for noise here.

Am I falling or am I rising? Am I being lifted up or dragged down? The weight is pulling me in all directions. Yet I stay in one place.

There’s no top or bottom. No roof or floor. No limit in any direction. It is endless.

I am floating? Or sinking? My feet kicking gently beneath me. My hair surrounding my head. Drifting. Rising of its own accord.

I am holding my breath. Keeping it. Trapped in my lungs. The little that escapes drifts away in orbs of morphing glass. Stretching and pulling at itself. But before it can be free, the weight crushes it, and it bursts. I must keep it in.

Time doesn’t seem to pass here. Nothing changes in this place. How long have I been here? How long can I stay?

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