My Poetry


Poem by Wendy Bird

Allow me to Sleep

Hi! So I know it’s been about six months, but I finally have something to post. Hopefully, the next posts won’t be nearly so spread out. I’ve written a poem about the forest again. I know I write about that a lot, but it’s one of my favorite places to be and I don’t get…


Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Where is my time?

As I go on the weeks seem shorter. Days fly by without my notice. Where on earth did the time go? It seems just yesterday I was free and wild. Now I feel constrained by expectations. Not long ago I had no cares. Now I’m weighed down by anxieties. The future is coming quickly on……

His Poetry Soul

He was a beautiful thing… With his daydream eyes, and his poetry soul. She wanted to learn him, word for word. To recite him to the sky as one does a song. To decipher his deepest meanings… and paint pictures ‘round his letters.


A question


Capture a moment. Keep it forever. A poem.


A short poem about stars.

Stone Angel

A poem. I saw a picture of a stone angel today, and it inspired me to write this poem.

The Ocean

A poem about the ocean

Solid Shadows

Don’t let the shadows get to you…

An Empty Room

An empty room is sad without heart or soul Echoes in the quiet dark and all alone An empty room is black Ebony and grey Nothing to cast the shadows Yet no light to chase them away An empty room is lonely No one to keep it warm No voices break the silence No one…

To Sleep in a Field of Wildflowers

Oh to sleep in a field of wildflowers  Be enveloped in their sweet perfume Let the grass and the color surround me And dream of each petal and bloom Let the clouds and the sadness be driven away And replaced with the beauty and the leaves gentle sway Could I sleep in a field of…

The City in my Head

Tall bright towers Yellow sunflowers I could waste all the hours  In the city in my head  Shining lakes of glass And watching clouds pass Fields of green grass in the city in my head  But now the sky is grey The trees oh how they sway  do they take me away From the city…