Garden in the Sky

Star light, star bright

the first star I see tonight.

I wish I may, I wish I might,

have the wish I wish tonight.

Look upon me starry sky.

I reach for you with every cry.

I call to you, grant me reply.

Oh, won’t you give me wings to fly?

I wish to sit upon the clouds,

up there, where the only sound,

is that of wind, whipping ’round.

With light and stardust, I’ll be crowned.

I’ll have a cloud, all of my own.

A garden in the sky I’ll grow.

full of flowers, white as snow.

Blooming in the starlight’s glow.

I hope you’ll join me there, up high,

To you I won’t want to say goodbye.

It may be too quiet, alone to fly,

in my little garden in the sky.



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