Allow me to Sleep

Hi! So I know it’s been about six months, but I finally have something to post. Hopefully, the next posts won’t be nearly so spread out. I’ve written a poem about the forest again. I know I write about that a lot, but it’s one of my favorite places to be and I don’t get to go often. So, instead, I write about it! I’ve also been listening to a lot of Hozier’s music recently, and the way he has with words has really inspired me to write. It was also a lot of the reason I am once again writing about the forest. Anyways, sorry for this long intro. I hope you enjoy!

My body belongs to the forests

the swish of wind rustling branches

spots of sun dappled through leaves

let me rest there for only a moment

let me curl up among the roots of trees

weary as I am

I yet have much ahead of me

and little behind

so I will close my eyes for only a moment

please do not wake me

allow me to sleep

Photo by Adriana Herbut from FreeImages



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