The Creatures Beneath

Do you hear the creatures beneath?

They claw at the floor as I try to sleep.

With flailing limbs and gnashing teeth,

It seems they’re out to get me.

With all their noise, I get no rest.

An hour or two I get, at best.

They’re screaming, and crying, and banging their chests.

Upwards, they come, through the floorboards.

I don’t know how much longer I can last.

It seems that hours and hours have past.

And now it seems, they’re progressing fast.

Digging themselves through the floorboards at last.

My nightmares are finally coming to pass.

They’re grabbing me now, holding me fast.

Dragging me with them, into the vast

dark home of the creatures beneath.

Photo by Joanne Adela Low from Pexels



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