Her Maelstrom Mind

In the night her mind overflows, tearing her from her dreams.

Words had been seeping out, escaping through the slits in her closed eyes.

They flow in glittering, hued droplets, tracing rainbow pathways down her pale face.

Her mind is a chaos storm of phrases and epiphanies, longing to be liberated.

Waves of fantasies, crashing together, swirling about in a maelstrom of fiction.

No one knows the turmoil her mind contains. The seams of her skull barely holding together.

Unless she reveals them, the simple minds find only the droplets from her eyes. The few thoughts that freed themselves from their cage.

She hides her turmoil mind from others. Only showing streams, and peaceful trickles of her words.

For if she gave them all, they would drown in her ocean.

Photo by Jonatán Becerra on Unsplash



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