Where is my time?

As I go on the weeks seem shorter. Days fly by without my notice. Where on earth did the time go? It seems just yesterday I was free and wild. Now I feel constrained by expectations. Not long ago I had no cares. Now I’m weighed down by anxieties. The future is coming quickly on... … Continue reading Where is my time?

Dear Imaginary Love,

I hate that I fall in love so easily... I fall in love with clouds, and the way the sun drifting down turns them into cotton candy. I fall in love with the way the breeze tickles the leaves in the trees, causing them to twirl and dance. I fall in love with the way … Continue reading Dear Imaginary Love,

My Perfect Little Town

I want to live in a small little town, with shops all packed together. Quaint little shops, the ones where you never know what odd little trinket you may find. I want there to be a bookstore. One that is stuffed to the seams with books. Books in every nook and cranny, falling off the … Continue reading My Perfect Little Town