My Perfect Little Town

I want to live in a small little town, with shops all packed together. Quaint little shops, the ones where you never know what odd little trinket you may find. I want there to be a bookstore. One that is stuffed to the seams with books. Books in every nook and cranny, falling off the shelves and pilling up on the floor. And the owner of the shop will know me. Well how could he not with me coming in almost every day? Maybe I’ll work there. Maybe I’ll know where every single book is at, even though it seems so disorganized. Maybe a customer will ask for a suggestion, and I’ll know exactly what to give them. We’ll wade through piles and piles of book to find the perfect one. And maybe, I will become friends with said customer. Maybe we will be more then friends…

There will also be a coffee shop. Just a little one, where the workers know exactly what I want when I come in. I won’t even have to ask. There will be cozy couches and chairs. And those little round metal tables. And I’ll sit there, at one of those tables, on a rainy day. I’ll sit by the window and watch the little raindrops roll down one by one, while I sip out of a white mug filled with steaming coffee.

My house will me small, just the right size. And it will have a flower garden. And a vegetable garden. And an archway covered in light pink roses outside the front door. And inside I will have a window seat with lots of pillows. And a kitchen just the right size for me. I’ll have a cat with a long fluffy tail, and a dog, a big dog, maybe a husky.
I will have tons of plants hanging from the ceiling and in pots on the floor. And there will be plenty of windows to let in the light. And they will almost always be open.

It will never be too hot in this little town. It will always be cool enough to wear a light jacket. And there will be beautiful colored leaves in the fall. Piles and piles of them, in different hues of red and orange and yellow. And in the winter it will snow, and cover every twig in white. And whenever the sun rises it will reflect off the snow and make it look as though the whole world is covered in white magic.

Everyone will know everyone in this little town. Whenever you walk down the street people will greet you by name, and people will always be walking. There will rarely be any cars in the street. The street will be one of those brick streets, and it will be lined with black lamp posts. The awnings outside of every shop will have strings of lights, little fairy lights, so that at night it looks like little stars twinkling all down the way. It will be the perfect place, my perfect little town.

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