Where is my time?

As I go on the weeks seem shorter.

Days fly by without my notice.

Where on earth did the time go?

It seems just yesterday I was free and wild.

Now I feel constrained

by expectations.

Not long ago I had no cares.

Now I’m weighed down by anxieties.

The future is coming quickly on…

and I don’t feel in the least prepared.

Soon it will slam into me,

and knock me over.

I don’t have my footing.

My walls aren’t ready.

Where on earth did the time go?

Who here took it and could you

give it back?

Why would you take from me

something so precious?

Who is this thief without empathy?

It seems only yesterday it was before.

Now today has been left behind,

and tomorrow is long gone away.

I didn’t even get to say hello…

Much less goodbye.

Photo by Giallo from Pexels


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